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Red control

by Sam3

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Ishtar, Astarté, Tanit, Innana, Sejmet, Afrodite, Κυβέλη, Σφίγγα, Hera are some of the severals nicknames for one of the most ancient goddess, the femenine deity that represent the stronger fight of the human being, desire, the external one, like canonical war, and the one inside with the thing we had named love.
Lion-headed, lion-leg, lion-carried, always ruling this animal or being a part itself you can also appreciate her epithet "Strength" in tarot cards.
Lion could represent passions, emotional response, carnal appettite and super ego.

Limited edition of 12
*last 2 copies

3 color linoleum print

Paper size 66 x 45 cm

Plate size 51 x 31 cm

Paper Old Mill aquarelle 300 g/m2

Linoleum xilography

Numbered and signed by the artist.